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Threshing Competition

Tells the tale of a past tradition in agriculture that long has since past and all but forgotten. But thanks to a few fun loving cowboys and friends who love doing this have their way of keeping threshing alive today. It was a late fall day and it could not have been a more perfect...

Special Event

Behind the Scenes The Brandon University’s Health Living Centre was a state of the art muli-purpose fitness and gym facility. The video production was to not only show the new facilities many amenities but was also to open the new gym dedicated to the famous tv news anchor Mr. Henry Champ formerly a Brandon University...

Product Marketing

    Behind The Scenes Video production involved B- roll capture at various rural locations across southern and south eastern Manitoba with corn growers.

Community Marketing

The Town of Carberry and the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford have a combined population of 4200 residents. We are growing and, unlike some parts of Rural Canada, we have seen new residents flock to the area. Our secret? We are a progressive, forward-looking community and, like our signs say, we are: “Your Road to Family. Friends....

4R Nutrient Stewardship Signing

There has been no shortage of documentaries about the Holocaust but, until now, none of them have featured Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock and Louis C.K. In Ferne Pearlstein’s The Last Laugh, which premieres today at the Tribeca

Canadian Fertilizer Institute Behind The Scenes Interview with Curtis McRae St. Andrews Grain Farmer, Keystone Agricultural Producers Vice President on supporting agriculture production and environmental protection through 4R Nutrient Stewardship in Manitoba. Shot on location in St. Andrews municipality Manitoba.

Pine Fort Days Event Promotion

You may not know Miranda Bailey’s name, but you probably know her work. As an actress, writer, director and producer, Miranda Bailey has a hand in just about every aspect of the independent film business. Early in her career

History Takes Flight

    Behind The Scenes Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum promotion of prior events coverage on dvd. Bothe events were filmed and produced by HotShot Media.  

Wagon Train

[ “Like a good cowboy, a good hat just gets better as it gets older” Behind The Scenes A documentary excerpt of a life long cowboy’s 21st Anniversary Wagon Train ride.

Retail Sales Promotion

Retail chain store North Shore Outfitters window display promotion concept Behind The Scenes North Shore chain were looking for an eye catching visual display venue for upcoming sales promotions.