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Video Photo Keepsakes

50th Anniversary Keepsakes

We can create a unique masterpiece to commemorate a special event like an anniversary or special event  and create a visual memory on DVD or blu ray .

These montages are a unique way to preserve your priceless moments on DVD for all your family, friends and guests to enjoy. We can take all of your favorite pictures and produce a one-of-a-kind work of art featuring titles and music for you!

Keepsakes make great gifts. They are a wonderful way to preserve your Mom and Dad’s history and can be passed down to generations to come. 



Why A Family Legacy Keepsake?

  • A major celebration of your parents.
  • Marriage, commitment and love.
  • Your brother or sister who has aspired to greatness and accomplishment.
  • Your Lifetime Achievements OR The Life and Times of someone special you wish to honor.
  • We can convert your old film formats such as 8mm , Super8, vhs tapes, photo and slides to a usable format. We then weave a video story together from: interviews, photographs, home movies, audio recordings, newspaper articles, memorabilia and collectibles – anything that exists on film or that we can capture on tape will work for your Family Legacy Video.
  • It includes all aspects and more of the Photo Video Keepsake with the addition of converted home movie film or video that furthers the visual experience of the special occasion or legacy you are creating.
  • The video interviews are usually captured by us or can be provided by you. You may even consider having us video capture an important occasion or event that will play an important part of your Family Legacy Video.