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We can create a unique masterpiece to commemorate a special event like an anniversary, wedding, birthday, family reunion, your history or even a memorial for a loved one. We can convert old film formats such as 8mm , Super8, vhs tapes, photo and slides and create a visual montage on DVD.

These montages are a unique way to preserve your priceless moments on DVD for all your family to enjoy. We can take all of your favorite pictures and produce a one-of-a-kind work of art featuring titles and music for you!

Photo Video Keepsakes make great gifts. They are a wonderful way to preserve your family’s history and can be passed down to generations to come. They are a specialty at HDMAX Productions!


Five Easy Steps…


 First, make the tough decision of which images to choose and which to lose.  We suggest that you make a “YES” pile and a“NO” pile. Put all the film, tapes and photos that you want to use in the “YES” pile.

  • SORT

Next create a category system for all your “YES” file.  Organize them by date, chronological order, by event, by person or by family status like Grandchildren for example. You can even request that each category like Family Vacations, for instance be highlighted with a particular musical selection.


Don’t forget to select some special music for your video.  You will want to choose songs that best highlight the images you are using and set the mood. We can supply the music files or you can.  If  you get stuck with making a selection, we can help you decide.

You will also want to put some titles on your Photo /Video Keepsake.  There should be at least an introduction and a closing title.  Even a simple “Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad” at the beginning and “With Love, From All of Us” at the end adds a personal touch.

Don’t be afraid to be more personal and creative with your titles. Why not use some poetry or a favorite quotation?


Number your various images by writing on the back with a pencil or by using stickers. DO NOT USE a pen as ink could rub off on other photos. Put them in the order that you want to use them.  


After you have your images organized, give us a call to set up an appointment.  We’ll meet with you and help you finalize your Photo Video Keepsake. 

~We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction and Enjoyment of your Photo Video Keepsake that we will help you create!~

Photo Video Keepsakes

These edited clips highlights special times and events that can comprise a Photo Video Keepsake.