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Film and Video Tape Transfers

Home Movie Transfers To DVD

High definition home movie film transfers to dvd  are a wonderful way to preserve your family history for children, grandchildren and future generations to come. How wonderful would it be to view those old family home movies again by the touch of your remote button on your DVD or Blu Ray player. However, if like most of us, you don’t have a movie projector anymore; or your projector or the bulb does not work. We can solve this problem for you.

About Old Film

What can happen to film over time?


The color dyes that record the color in color home movie film can shift at different rates, causing an overall shift toward one color. This could result in image that is greenish or a number of other colors. Some color shifts can be attributed to the vinegar syndrome. Due to moisture, or temperature (mold and mildew), the acetate base can decompose producing free acetic acid, which is released inside the film base then it leaches to the surface.


Some More Reasons For Transfer Videos to DVD

1. Getting rid of VHS tapes.

Tape’s life expectancy is nothing close to one of a disk. Pick your favorite ones and get them transferred to DVD.

2. Can’t watch overseas video?

Different countries maintain different standards. Get your overseas videos transferred to DVD and watchable in North America.

3. The VCR broke on you?

Invest into a DVD player and get your tapes converted into DVDs. Easy and convenient!

4. The whole world is becoming fully digital.

An Archival typical write-once (DVD-R or DVD+R) disc should keep its contents safe for 100 years. A typical VHS recording can last as long as 20 years, but image and sound quality degradation becomes noticeable in as little as 5 years. If you want your wedding video to last ’til the grand kids can watch it, there’s really no choice.

We transfer:

  • 8mm
  • Super8
  • 16mm Film
  • VHS tapes
  • Super VHS tapes
  • BETA tapes
  • DV, Mini DV formats.
  • We do PAL tape transfers as well.

What we do:

  • Transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Film can have sound or no sound
  • Our Film Transfers are created using our HD 1080p Frame By Fame Capture Technology ensuring the sharpest image possible.
  • We can preserve your fragile old home movies or any film by transferring them to Archival 100 Year 24 Carat surfaced Gold DVD
  • If you wish to have the High Definition transfer backed up on a portable hard drive for safe keeping we can do that also.
  • Provide a choice of DVD Menu/Label. We have a variety of beautiful and unique menus/ labels from which to select.
  • It will be packaged in an nice, impact resistant case.


  • We can edit your film and remove any clear or blank footage as well as colour correct if it is required.
  • We can also add a pleasant music sound track at no cost to you if your film has no original soundtrack.
  • Other than in the case of black or clear footage, we usually preserve every frame as long as there is an image on the frame.
  • We can create titles for the opening before the first film reel, before each film reel following and at the end of the film transfer. This is an additional cost.
  • Depending on the length of the videos, we can easily combine multiple videos onto a single DVD.

Questions and Answers:

What if I want you to start and stop copying at a certain point of a video (Eg. VHS tape)?

  • We call this monitoring copying.
  • That means we need to pay close attention to the start and stop points of the video.
  • You will need to give us the approximate length of the video segment to be copied and a description of the “in and out” points. This is an additional cost.

My film is very old and has some breaks in it. Can you still transfer it? We will do cleaning  and minor repair of your film should it be needed.  Extensive cleaning of mildewed covered film is an additional service that we offer. Film provided in many multiple short sections may incur an editing charge. Our high definition film transfers are done gently frame by frame so as not to harm your film. it also results in a much sharper image. How long does Film take? Usually 14 to 28 business days. Rush services are available for those who are planning a last minute special occasion viewing the old home movies. How long will other formats, like VHS take:

  • Regular service transfers will usually be done in five to seven business days.*

* subject to customers location. How to organizer your videos for your project? You can organize your movie film reels by number, by date, event, family names If you don’t know what is on each individual reel we can transfer it in random order. FILM SAMPLES AND TYPE INFORMATION ContentImage-2-41168-FilmSizeChart