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There’s  old expressions that goes, “Every picture tells a story and every person has a story.” and we want to help you create yours. We call these  –  “Family Legacy Video Keepsakes” … and they are, very unique and extraordinary. A Family Legacy Video is a personal “This Is Your Life” video history  and celebration that we creatively design and professionally produce for you. The subject of the video can be you or someone you care about, for a very special occasion, or for a celebration of life. We can convert your old film formats such as 8mm , Super8, vhs tapes, photo and slides to a usable format. We then weave a tapestry of materials together into the video: interviews, photographs, home movies, audio recordings, newspaper articles, memorabilia and collectibles – anything that exists on film or that we can capture on tape will work for your Family Legacy Video. It includes all aspects and more of the Photo Video Keepsake with the addition of converted home movie film or video that furthers the visual experience of the special occasion or legacy you are creating. The video interviews are usually captured by us or can be provided by you. You may even consider having us video capture an important occasion or event that will play an important part of your Family Legacy Video.         Our Process is this EASY:

  • We interview you and other people to get familiar with the story you want to tell.  
  • We often record these interviews and use parts of them in the final DVD.At the same time, you start collecting the materials for your video – photographs, movies, home videos, awards, 
  • diplomas, newspaper stories, etc.  You’ll organize these however we determine at the interview.
  • You then come to our studio to show us your collection and help us become even more familiar with your story.
  • Then we begin assembling all the parts of your Family Legacy Video, including your materials, music, voice – over narration and on – camera interviews.
  • Finally, we schedule a date with you for the “premier”  of your Family Legacy Video. It’s an exciting event, on that you may bring other family members to watch. 
  • After making any minor changes to the video, we can then produce as many copies on DVD as you wish.
  • It’s really very simple, but is does require some time and effort on both our parts. Family Legacy Videos generally require from 3 months to 5 months to create because we take our time to do the job right.
  • In essence, you become the director of your own “Hollywood movie”.  The process is very enjoyable because you are creating a lasting legacy – a family heirloom – that your children, grandchildren, in fact, generations to come will cherish. 

It isa once-in-a–lifetime, for–a-lifetime” project that you simply must do for yourself, for your family, for anyone you care about … and who cares about you. Do you have a story to tell, a reason for doing a Family Legacy Video? Most people do. CONSIDER SOME OF THESE:

  • A major Anniversary celebration  of your parents. 
  • Marriage, commitment and love. 
  • Your brother or sister who has overcome a remarkable disability, aspired to greatness and accomplishment.
  • The single parent who raised the children who now recognize their parent’s incredible contribution.
  • Your Lifetime Achievements OR The Life and Times of someone special you wish to honor.

Things to consider… Make sure you have enough materials photographs, home movies or video, memorabilia, etc. To make your family history into a “Hollywood” epic.

  • Set aside enough time to go through the organizing process.
  • Get the materials together, organize them and bring them to us.

Call us today because we can then discuss your project in detail and provide some more insight into Family Legacy Videos!

Stories… Life… Love of Family and Friends… Memories… And more….

Family Tribute

A great example highlighting the family beginnings and good times together.

Family Legacy Video

This is an edited highlight of a video that celebrates the history of the family. It also celebrates a senior family member’s milestone 80th birthday occasion and a wonderful interview with the senior family members.